Flowjet Cleaning Equipment LTD offer more than just a range of standard cleaning equipment. We also make bespoke industrial cleaning equipment for specific cleaning applications. Flowjet offers repairs or maintenance of your pressure washer, whichever make or model. We work closely with Nilfisk, DTE, IPC & Dirt Driver and also Dema.

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    Dema Fogjet Trolley
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    Dema Fogjet Fogger Trolley



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    The DEMA Fogjet Trolley is designed for the control micro-organisms using a diluted disinfectant or sanitizer and compressed air. These two basic components create a supersaturated atmospheric condition, more commonly referred to as fog.

    The fog conditions produced by this fogging unit are well known to combat microflora, airborne bacteria and wild yeast and fogging is much more effective than traditional cleaning methods. It is especially effective when a light dew containing the sanitiser is allowed to sit on all surfaces.

    The solution in the DEMA Fogjet unit is drawn up by venturi into the fogging nozzles when actuated by compressed air. There are no moving parts in the fogging nozzles and the unit itself is not pressurised at all. This is ideal from a health and safety standpoint.

    Particle size is dependent on air pressure and variable from sub-micron to 100 micron

    Technical Specification

    Air Pressure: 2-6Bar

    Air Volume: 2-300lpm

    Liquid Flow: 500ml/min

    Tank Size: 25l

    Droplet Size: 5-100µm

    Coverage: 6-1200m3

    Nozzles: 3

    Power: Compressed Air

    Approval: CE