Flowjet Cleaning Equipment LTD offer more than just a range of standard cleaning equipment. We also make bespoke industrial cleaning equipment for specific cleaning applications. Flowjet offers repairs or maintenance of your pressure washer, whichever make or model. We work closely with Nilfisk, DTE, IPC & Dirt Driver and also Dema.

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    Nilfisk Cold Mobile Pressure Washer

    Nilfisk's MC range is an ideal solution for building & construction, agriculture, rental, industrial and food industry,Nilfisk offers cold water high-pressure washers to meet your every need. From low-intensity or routine tasks to intense or speciality assignments, the Nilfisk range meets your challenges head-on. Their solutions are innovative and versatile and come with a full range of accessories, guaranteeing you premium performance every time.The MC range of mobile cold water pressure washers include solutions from semi-professional and infrequent use to our premium class range, ideal for the most demanding and heavy duty industrial cleaning tasks.

    Nilfisk Cold Mobile Pressure Washer

    The Nilfisk MC 2 and 3 lines are compact and lightweight units ideal for most basic cleaning tasks by tradesmen, or around small farms. These are ideal entry-level commercial units

    The Nilfisk MC 4 is the most robust mid-range industrial cold water pressure washer. The machine has a 4 pole motor which rotates at 1450 rpm. The brass head pump is more durable than the plastic pump heads. This is ideal for more intense use.

    The Nilfisk MC 5 combines robustness, ergonomics, serviceability and cleaning power for extended use in tough environments

    The Nilfisk MC 6 & 7 are in a class of their own. They provide a long-life, 4 piston pump, hot water inlet capacity. These come with oil level alert as standard. We feel that they are ideal for the longest, toughest industrial applications.

    The Nilfisk MC 8 is the ultimate robust pressure washer from Nilfisk. These pumps have a high flow & pressure allowing the user to clean down with the greatest of ease.