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    Rexener Hot Tubs

    Rexener Hot Tubs

    • Heating Time 2 Hours From Zero Degrees
    • Low Energy Consumption 80 watts
    • Quiet Water Pump
    • Digital Thermostat 
    • Economical (Bio Fuel)
    • Smokless 

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    • CODE: Rexener AuroraHot Tub

      Rexener AuroraHot Tub

      • LEDs: No
      • Jets: No
      • Volume: 1300-1500 litres
      • Persons: max. 8
      • Fuel Tank: 23 litres
      • Dry weight: approx. 200kg
      Excl. VAT: £4,325.00 Incl. VAT: £5,190.00
    • CODE: Rexener Polar Hot Tub

      Rexener Polar Hot Tub

      • LED: Yes
      • Jets: 8 Jets
      • Fibreglass Optional Colours:
      • Arctic White
      • Gabro Black
      • Volume: 1300-1500 litres
      • Persons: max. 8
      Excl. VAT: £5,158.33 Incl. VAT: £6,190.00

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    2 Item(s)

    Rexener Hot Tubs

    Rexener Hot Tubs

    Fibreglass – the hygienic choice

    Fibreglass is durable, robust and easy to clean. Regular washing and drying can help maintain your hot tub’s hygiene. Fibreglass is an excellent material for Northern weather conditions. It is a long-lasting and durable material. Our fibreglass pools are made in Finland and come with a 10-year warranty.

    Quick heating – no smoke

    The Rexener hot tub is also ideal for detached housing estates, as the heater does not generate smoke that might disturb your neighbours. The Rexener PR200 water heater is particularly efficient, which means that using it generates only minimal harmful emissions. What comes out of the chimney is mostly carbon dioxide. The hot tub heats up very quickly compared to a wood fireplace. The heating speed is influenced by the outside temperature, and whether or not the pool is covered.

    Arctic luxury – inspired by Northern nature

    Rexener hot tubs take their colours from the building materials of the idyllic Northern landspace – white snow and the black granite stone of the North, Gabro. Rexener hot tubs have an outer shell that is made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce.

    Enjoy a calm bath

    The pool’s corners have comfortable, slanted backrests, and there’s plenty of foot space in the middle. It is also fairly deep in the midsection, which makes the pool feel very large. The Rexener Polar hot tub has a step that makes it easy to climb in and out of the pool, and can also be a children’s seat when necessary.

    Easy-to-use drain mechanism – exclusively in Rexener Polar hot tubs

    Our products are in active development and as a result, how easy it is to drain the pool is something we have taken into account. All the water can be drained from the bottom of the pool, without having to drain it by hand. The fireplace side of the pool has a drainage valve from which the water drains. You can also attach a 25 mm hose to better direct the water flow.

    Rexener PR200 water heater – a warm hot tub at the press of a button

    No need to chop firewood! Anybody can use the Rexener PR200 water heater: just press the button, and the heater does the rest. It takes considerably less time to heat the water than when heating with wood. The Rexener PR200 water heater keeps the water temperature constant. No more water that is too cold or too hot in the pool! Adjust the temperature on your own!

    High-quality fibreglass pool with a 10-year warranty

    Our hot tub kits come with a 3-year warranty, and our fibreglass pools are guaranteed for up to 10 years


    • Fuel Used 2 lp/h
    • Heating Time 2 hours
    • Quite 45 dB
    • Power Consumption 80 Watts