Dirt Driver Saphire Hot Pressure Washer replaces the Sovereign hot pressure washer. This machine comes as a basic model and you can simply add extras where needed according to industry or user preference. 


Nilfisk Truckbooster

trck booster

The Nilfisk Truck Booster has been in the Nilfisk range for over ten years. This machine is still at the top of its game. The new machines are now called SH Truck. There are some differneces in the 240V volt range. These include the new NA5 pump which now dominated the MH hot pressure washer range with in the mobie MH range of Nilfisk. These new pumps are better due to the wabcle plate 3 piston design.  please check out this video showing its internals (NA5)

Nilfisk NA5 Pump

The Truck Booster 3 phase delivers 180 bar of pressure and still uses the C3 pump. This has not changed much. This still is the best best high pressure pump on the market. 

The new Delta Booster gets released with the NA6 Pump

New Nilfisk Delta Booster system


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How to choose a pressure washer

So you need a new pressure washer, but with so many out there how do you know which one to choose? Surely simple is better? Stands to reason that if it doesn’t have lots of toys and gadgets there must be less to go wrong! Sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes simple isn’t best.

The ATTIX 33/44 series of dust extractors get “Special Mention” in the prestigious German Design Awards

The new ATTIX 33 and ATTIX 44 from Nilfisk, an innovative new series of dust extractors, have received their first award just weeks after the initial launch to market. The “Special Mention” in the Industry category was awarded by the jury at the prestigious German Design Awards held in late October.

attix 33 2m 1127547373

The long awaited Nilfisk MH 5M Hot is here. The MH5 can be used for up to 5-7 hours per day. This makes a very good machine for most industrial applications. Nilfisk has been leading the way for more than 100 years. This is the new range of Hot pressure washer. Somethings have changed since the Neptune models. Listed below are some of the changes. 


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Whats changed with the new Nilfisk MH4 Hot Pressure Washer

Nilfisk MH 4M Medium Sized Hot Pressure Washer. The MH4 can be used for up to 5-6 hours per day. This makes a very good machine for most industrial applications.

nilfisk MH 4M FA

Nilfisk introduce the 4 in 1 lance.