Flowjet Cleaning Equipment LTD offer more than just a range of standard cleaning equipment. We also make bespoke industrial cleaning equipment for specific cleaning applications. Flowjet offers repairs or maintenance of your pressure washer, whichever make or model. We work closely with Nilfisk, DTE, IPC & Dirt Driver and also Dema.

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    Guns & Lances

    Flowjet sells quality jet washer guns, lances, and accessories for high or low volume pressure washer systems. There are a wide variety of solutions depending on the industry and specification required. Suttner offers an advanced trigger for water pressure from 20 bars up to 600 bars. We have the correct lance and trigger for most industries including HACCP compliant.

    Guns & Lances

    A pressure washer lance is the long pipe that comes out of the trigger. The pipe is made from either plastic or metal. They are available is different lengths and with various connections. Single & double lances are available. A typical industrial lance has a 1/4" BSP thread on both ends with a handle. A pressure nozzle if fitted so that the machine can create pressure. 

    • Karcher use bayonet, M18 and M22
    • Nilfisk use the quick release style called the Kew system

    We offer high quality pressure washer guns / triggers.