Flowjet Cleaning Equipment LTD offer more than just a range of standard cleaning equipment. We also make bespoke industrial cleaning equipment for specific cleaning applications. Flowjet offers repairs or maintenance of your pressure washer, whichever make or model. We work closely with Nilfisk, DTE, IPC & Dirt Driver and also Dema.

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    Flow (Site Cleaning)
    1. 60 LPM

    Flat Tip Nozzles By Lechler

    Karcher style lance jets

    Flat Tip Nozzles By Lechler

    Pressure washer pumps require a percentage of back pressure in order for the machine to produce pressurized water. This back pressure is achieved by fitting the correct orifice nozzle jet to the lance. As water passes through the jet it tends to wear causing less pressure. When servicing a pressure washer or have a pressure fault this is the first part to replace. We have a chart that can help you select the correct nozzle for your pump. All you need to know is the flow per minute and working pressure.

    • Order the correct jet for your pump
    • Decide which is the best spray angle to order
    • Order the correct thread