Karcher Heating Coils

Karcher Boiler coils in hot pressure washers burst due to wear or frost damage. Normally water pressure is lost and often you can see either water in the boiler chimney or coming out of the bottom of the machine. We sell any pressure washer coil for most brands.
• Turn the pressure washer off
• Take off the burner head, paying attention to any spacers or gaskets. Remove the boiler top plate to expose the inner cylinder.
• Take out the inner cylinder and remove one inlet water pipe and one outlet from the bottom of the machine. Remove the thermostat.
• Remove the two nuts that hold the boiler base to the coil. Now the coil is exposed you can identify which coil you need.
• Measure the height of the coil and measure the gap between the two pipes. Take a note of how many rings of steel.
• If the burner pad is in bad condition replace and reassemble with a new coil from Flowjet.

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