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Nilfisk Truck Booster 

The Nilfisk Truck Booster range has been specifically designed for today’s tough environments. Its simple controls – consisting of only four buttons- are intuitive to the user. Corrosion proof stainless steel and frost protection to minus 20 degrees ensures that the Truck Booster can be placed in the harshest of places. Features such as low oil protection, flame failure and low water protection ensure that the Truck Booster will prevent a small repair turning into a large repair.
The options list for the Truck Booster range is almost as impressive as the machine itself. Options include:
• Diesel, gas or electrically heated.
• Remote control
• Self-service car wash
• Countless motor/pump combinations giving you complete flexibility in your new washer.

With a three year warranty and service package, the Nilfisk Truck Booster provides the ultimate solution with complete peace of mind!

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Nilfisk 3-6 Pump SC Delta Booster.  

The Nilfisk Delta Booster. The complete cleaning machine. The Nilfisk Delta Booster is a centralised wash down system comprising of 2 – 6 pumps. This allows up to 6 operators to wash at the same time, each at differing pressures and flows. For example one operator may be inside the factory using low pressure at no more than 30 Bar, whilst simultaneously another operator is outside washing a vehicle at 120 Bar.
The simple concept allows for pump maintenance while the system is running, ensuring minimal downtime. The Nilfisk Delta Booster uses the tried and tested C3 pump – a four piston pump that can work with water temperatures up to 85 Degrees.
Although the Nilfisk Delta Booster was originally conceived as a high pressure unit conversion to a low pressure unit comes at no extra cost.

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