Flowjet Cleaning Equipment LTD offer more than just a range of standard cleaning equipment. We also make bespoke industrial cleaning equipment for specific cleaning applications. Flowjet offers repairs or maintenance of your pressure washer, whichever make or model. We work closely with Nilfisk, DTE, IPC & Dirt Driver and also Dema.

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    1. 1.0"M to 1.0"M
    2. 3/4"M to 3/4"M
    3. 1/8"M to 1/8"M
    4. 1/4"M to 1/4"M
    5. 1/4"M to 1/4"M (23mm high)
    6. 1/4"M to 1/4"M (30mm high)
    7. 3/8"M to 3/8"M
    8. 3/8"M to 3/8"M (25mm high)
    9. 3/8"M to 3/8"M (30mm high)
    10. 1/2"M to 1/2"M
    11. 3/4"M to 1.0"M
    12. 1/2"M to 3/4"M
    13. 3/8"M to 3/4"M
    14. 3/8"M to 1/2"M
    15. 1/4"M to 1/2"M
    16. 1/4"M to 3/8"M
    17. 1/8"M to 3/8"M
    18. 1/8"M to 1/4"M
    19. 1/8"F to 1/4"F
    20. 1/4"F to 3/8"F
    21. 1/4"F to 1/2"F
    22. 3/8"F to 1/2"F
    23. 1/8"F to 1/8"F
    24. 1/4"F to 1/4"F
    25. 3/8"F to 3/8"F
    26. 1/2"F to 1/2"F
    27. 3/4"F to 3/4"F
    28. 1/8"F to 1/4"M
    29. 1/8"F to 3/8"M
    30. 1/8"F to 1/2"M
    31. 1/4"F to 3/8"M
    32. 1/4"F to 1/2"M
    33. 3/8"F to 1/2"M
    34. 3/8"F to 3/4"M
    35. 1/2"F to 3/4"M
    36. 3/4"F to 1.0"M
    37. 1/2"F to 1.0"M
    38. 1/4"M to 3/4"M
    39. 1/4"F to 1/8"M
    40. 3/8"F to 1/4"M
    41. 1/2"F to 3/8"M
    42. 3/4"F to 1/2"M
    43. 1¼"F to 3/4"M
    44. 1"F to 1/2"M
    45. 1"F to 3/4"M
    46. 3/8"F to 3/8"M
    47. 1/4"F to 1/4"M
    48. 3/8"F to 3/8"M (29mm high)
    49. 3/8"F to 3/8"M (40mm high)
    50. 1/2"F to 1/2"M
    51. 1/2"F to 1/4"M
    52. 3/4"F to 3/4"M
    53. M22 M to 1/8"F
    54. M22 M to 1/4"F (29mm)
    55. M22 M to 3/8"F (29mm)
    56. M22 M to 1/2"F
    57. M22 M to M16 F
    58. M22 M to M22 F
    59. M21 M to 1/8"F
    60. M21 M to 1/4"F
    61. M21 M to 3/8"F
    62. M21 M to M18 F
    63. M22 M to 1/4"F (40mm)
    64. M22 M to 3/8"F (40mm)
    65. M22 M to 1/4"F (38mm)
    66. M22 M to 1/4"M (29mm)
    67. M22 M to 3/8"M (29mm)
    68. M22 M to 1/2"M
    69. M22 M to 1/4"M with AGR cone
    70. M22 M to 3/8"M with AGR cone
    71. M21 M to 1/4"M
    72. M21 M to 3/8"M
    73. M22 M to 1/4"M (39mm)
    74. M22 M to 3/8"M (40mm)
    75. PG13.5 M to 1/4"M
    76. M22 M to 1/4"M
    77. M22 M to 3/8"M
    78. M22 M to M22 M
    79. M21 M to M21 M
    80. M22 M to M21 M
    81. M22 M to M22 M (long version)
    82. 1½"F to 1½"F
    83. 1/4"F to 1/4"F (17mm HEX)
    84. 1/4"F to 1/4"F (19mm HEX)
    85. M22 F to M22 F
    86. M22 M to M22 M (Conical version)
    87. M24 M to M24 M (700BAR)
    88. 3/4"M to 1/2"TM
    89. 3/8"M to 1/4"TM
    90. 1/4"M to 3/8"TM
    91. 1/4"M to 1/4"TM
    92. 3/8"M to 1/2"TM
    93. 3/8"M to 3/8"TM
    94. 1/2"M to 1/2"TM
    95. 3/4"M to 3/4"TM
    96. 1/2"M to 1"TM
    97. 1.0"F to 1.0"M
    98. M18 M to 1/2"M
    99. M12 M to 1/4"F
    100. M18 M to 1/4"F
    101. M22 F to 1/4"M
    102. M22 F to 3/8"M
    103. 1/2"F to 1/4"F
    104. 1/2"F to 3/8"F
    105. M22 F to 3/8"F
    106. M22 F to 1/4"F
    107. M18 F to 1/2"F
    108. 1/4"F to 3/8"M (500 Bar version)
    109. 1/4"M to 1/2"TM
    110. 1/4"
    111. 1"
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    Temperature (Site Cleaning)
    1. 150